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Hybrid's services are organized across three distinct channels:

STRATEGY - connecting a clients vision with what is possible (time + money)

PRODUCTION - designing and building digital products and services.

MANAGEMENT - supporting, updating and monitoring published digital products and services.


Digital technology is disrupting organizations, wreaking havoc on well-established business models and upending entire industries. Hybrid’s Strategy practice helps senior executives anticipate and adapt to these trends — accelerating growth and transforming their brands and businesses for success in the digital world.


When we say digital production, we mean it. Front end dev, Back end dev, APP dev, Audio & Imaging. Build for the mobile-centric web or transform your business to fit in with the modern cross-platform reality with Hybrid. Drawing upon extensive UI/UX design and front-end development expertise, we deliver rich web app experiences that are a hit with end users.


We have been advocates for a wide range of clients collaborating, recommending and supervising the purchasing, set-up, configuration and implementation of the hardware and network platforms for a major city, to ,enabling real-time mobile video training for NGO's. We specialize in purchasing recommendations for government agencies and businesses.

About Us

Hybrid began in 2008 when a group of 9 to 5 agency workers decided to create a fictional band website, app, PC game and animated music video for submission to the American Advertising Awards in Pittsburgh. Our work won Gold, and the story began. Hybrid focuses on pioneering digital solutions. We do this by synthesizing new ideas and old ones building the infrastructure for emerging media channels and helping clients find new life in the digital space.

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